Academy teacher making masks for health care workers

April 15, 2020

A Goole Academy teacher is doing his bit to combat the Covid-19 crisis by using the school’s 3D printer to produce plastic masks for healthcare workers.
Mr Simon Poulton, Head of Design Technology, has been setting his alarm through the night to restart the printer and continue the 24/7 operation to pump out as many of the vital pieces of equipment as possible.

The plastic masks are made of two parts- a top head section and a bottom visor support- which take a combined four hours to make.
They’re then sent to 3DCrowd UK, a national hub dedicated to fundraising and distributing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
So far, 20 masks have been made but Mr Poulton said he will continue to create more until 3DCrowd UK tell him to stop.
The masks Mr Poulton creates are then sent to the Sheffield Hub before being packaged and distributed to frontline key workers.
He said: “I was watching the BBC news and saw the appeal for UK 3D printer owners to help manufacture PPE visor parts. Knowing that we have a 3D printer in school, this is something where I felt we could contribute.
“The time scales were tight and the demand will increase over the coming weeks.
“My efforts will be a small contribution in the national effort. I’m setting my alarm t restart the 3D printer throughout the night and will hopefully help to meet the demand for this specific type of PPE.
“I’m just thankful that I’m able to help out. Goole Academy have been great in supporting me with getting access to the machine and also with the provision of the plastic material required for manufacture.”

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