Eastrington man spells success for kids’ charity

June 16, 2022

A dedicated man from Eastrington who took on the task of running 5K every day throughout May has completed the challenge.

Aaron Davies, 47, took on this impressive venture in support of Cash for Kids East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in memory of his father in law, Peter Featherstone, who was a keen supporter of the charity. Throughout May, Aaron not only committed himself to running the daily 5K distance, but he also set his own personal challenges, one of which was to spell out the words Cash for Kids with his running routes, and the other to run each 5K in 25 minutes or less.

The runner said: “I managed to complete the challenge and ran 5K every single day in May. I also completed my self-imposed challenges and ran with an average time of under 25 minutes per 5K, and spelt out ‘Cash for Kids’ in my runs.” Originally, Aaron’s fundraising goal was £250, but thanks to the support of generous donators, and his employer Ardonagh Community Trust who offered to match all donations on his fundraiser up to £500, he increased his goal to £500. When we last spoke to Aaron, he had raised just over £370 of this goal. Now, at the end of the month, he has exceeded his expectations, raising a massive £1180.10. He said: “I hit the £500 target on the 25th - which was then immediately matched by Ardonagh Community Trust, donations kept coming in and my total is currently £1180.10, which just blows me away! “A huge thank you to all who donated.”

Reflecting on the challenge, Aaron said: “Looking back, the first week was relatively easy, and I even was the 25 minute pacer at the Goole Parkrun as I was still feeling confident. “The second week I stated to get aches and pains, and some days I could hardly walk due to my knee hurting, and by the time the Parkrun came around again I was in real pain. “By week three I had new knee sleeves and was running in full leg coverings which luckily worked, and by the 18th I was running pain-free again.” By the final week of the challenge, Aaron’s challenge had caught the attention of a lot of people, including the Viking FM breakfast team, who went on a run with him on the beach.

Aaron continued: “The fourth week I had a bit of fun, firstly running with the Selby Canicross, completing more letter shapes, and ending the week on the beach with the Viking FM breakfast team which felt like a real reward for all the running so far. “My last two runs were on holiday in Menorca, which was a great way to finish apart from the fact that the villa was on a huge hill and I had no energy left in my legs! “Completing the last run was a complete mix of emotions- my family came out to cheer me in, my legs were tired and hurting, and I had completed the challenge which had become a large part of my life for a month. “Exhilaration and tears is the best way to describe it!” Throughout the challenge, Aaron has spoken enthusiastically about the support he has had from his family and friends. The father of two said: “Support from my family through all of this has been great, and I thank them all, it has made it much easier to keep going with their praise and help.”

Aaron completing a beach run with Viking FM breakfast presenters Alex and Nicola. (09-06-22 SU)

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