School choice joy for most local families

April 25, 2022

Parents and carers of children due to start infant, junior and primary schools in September 2022 found out last week which school their child has been allocated.

Letters and emails advising families and carers of the outcome of their applications for places were sent out on National Offer Day, Tuesday, April 19. Out of the 118 primary and infant schools in the East Riding of Yorkshire, 26 are over-subscribed and a further six have filled all of their available places. Some 2,876 parents and carers living in the East Riding applied for a reception place at either an infant or primary school, with 95% being allocated their first preference school, and 98.9% allocated a place at one of their three preferences. There were only 32 children who were not allocated a place at a school that their parents or carers named as a preference.

Out of this 32, 21 have been allocated a place by the local authority at their local catchment school, and a further 11 have been allocated at the next nearest school with an available place. In total, 44 East Riding children will attend primary and infant schools in other local authority areas, while 174 children resident in other local authority areas will travel to East Riding schools. All 419 East Riding residents who applied for their children to start year 3 at a junior school have been allocated places at the school named as their first preference.

Deborah Myers, head of children and young people, education and schools at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “I am delighted that, despite the challenges faced as a result of the ongoing pandemic, the council is once again able to announce the allocated school for all our children due to start school in September 2022, on National Offer Day, in line with the Government’s published deadline. “We know that the allocation of school places is an important decision for families and it is excellent news that 99% of parents and carers have secured one of their three preference schools for their children.” Families in the East Riding have learnt of infant and primary school places for September 2022. 

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