Marching band reforms for farewell to ex-leader

Emily Collins
June 30, 2022

Members of the former Old Goole marching band, the Blue Angels, reunited last week to give a poignant send off to their former leader.

The group came back together after disbanding in the 1980s, for the funeral or former leader, Iris Betts on Friday, June 24. Iris was well known to many in Old Goole as the leader of award winning band, The Blue Angels, which helped to get many young people off the streets and give them a purpose. Her family paid tribute to the “amazing” lady in the Goole Times’ June 16 edition, saying Iris was a matriarch figure for not only her own children and grandchildren, but many other people in the town. The Blue Angels, led Iris funeral procession from Old Goole to St John’s Church in Goole, providing a guard of honour as the funeral procession entered the church.

Members of the Blue Angels marching band reunited for the funeral of their former leader, Iris Betts. (30-06-117 GT/EC)

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