Hedgehog charity gets a boost from builder

June 10, 2021

To mark Hedgehog Awareness Week, Harron Homes Yorkshire has donated £200 towards the rescue, rehabilitation and release of hedgehogs in the Howden area.

The house builder made the donation to local hedgehog rescue centre, Pricklington Palace which is based near Harron’s new York Vale Gardens development. The donation will help the rescue centre continue its vital work caring for injured hedgehogs as well as aid the fundraising of road signs to encourage drivers to slow down and consider all wildlife, particularly hedgehogs.  

Gill Dixon, the owner of Pricklington Palace said: “The most frustrating element of what I do is that the plight hedgehogs face is so easily avoidable. We can all play our part in protecting these iconic animals. “Whether it’s providing water for them, moving football nets a couple of inches above the ground or driving more slowly and sensibly to avoid collisions with hedgehogs, these small changes can make all the difference.” As well as making the donation to Pricklington Palace Harron is also installing so-called Hedgehog Highways at York Vale Gardens, to allow the animals to navigate the development and pass through safely via homeowners’ gardens. In incorporating the highways at the development, Harron has been recognised as a hedgehog-friendly homebuilder by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. Gill has praised the house builder’s work to make Howden more hedgehog friendly, saying “I am absolutely delighted by Harron’s work to protect hedgehogs and I hope it can serve as an example to other property developers as to what they should be doing to protect these wonderful creatures”. Alison Taylor-Shaw, Sales and Marketing Director for Harron Homes Yorkshire, added: “We are thrilled to have been recognised for our work in the protection of hedgehogs. We take the preservation and protection of wildlife in or surrounding any of our developments seriously, and we are pleased to be able to make a contribution towards the care of hedgehogs at Pricklington Palace.”

Pictured is Amanda Thomas, sales manager at Harron Homes Yorkshire and Gill Dixon, owner of Pricklington Palace tending to Hedgey Harron the hedgehog. (13-05-88 SU)


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