End in sight for Hook roadworks

Emily Collins
September 8, 2023

Works on Hook High Street, which have seen the road closed for over three months, are due to be completed within two weeks says Yorkshire Water.

The works began in May to improve the sewer network in the area and the road was closed near the village shop to enable the works to take place.

Yorkshire Water said in June that the works “may take a little bit longer than originally predicted” due to difficult ground conditions as well and overhead and underground cables meaning specialist equipment was required.

Residents say the delays have caused inconvenience for many villagers who have been forced to take lengthy diversions to get to amenities, and businesses have also been impacted by the closure.

Now, more than three months later, and end is in site, with Yorkshire Water saying the works should be completed within two weeks.

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Water said: “Our teams have been working closely with other utilities and the local authority highways team to pull together a plan to complete work on Hook High Street. This has been a complex task, as other utilities had work to complete which had already been planned and approved, which further delayed repairs.

“In addition to this, we've had to dig very deep to do the repairs which means it'll take a little longer than we'd anticipated to reinstate the road. We understand the ongoing inconvenience this has caused, and we're sorry this has taken longer than we'd have liked but we'd like to thank everyone for their continued patience.

“The work to replace a section of the sewer has been completed and work is now underway to reconnect the pipes to the network and reinstate the road, which should be complete within the next two weeks.”

A spokesperson for Hook Parish Council added: “Hook Parish Council share the frustrations of local residents, as the significant works are impacting everyone. We continue to push Yorkshire Water for a speedy completion.” 


Hook High Street has been closed for over three months. (07-09-142 GT)

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