Change of venue for fusion energy event

Emily Collins
July 14, 2022

As a result of the amber weather warning and high temperatures predicted next week, the venue for the Fusion Yorkshire Event featured in last week’s paper has changed.  

The event on Monday, July 19 was due to be held in the Market Hall but will now be held at Goole’s Junction Theatre, which unlike the Market Hall is air conditioned.

Residents from the Goole area are being invited to attend the event and enjoy a “virtual space voyage to the sun” to help them find out more about fusion energy.

The event will take place from 4pm – 7pm to provide children and adults alike with an exciting science roadshow.

The event is being held to help educate people on the science behind fusion energy following the announcement that Goole is in the running as a possible location for the UK’s first prototype fusion energy plant.

Fusion Yorkshire have teamed up with the Physics and Engineering Outreach Team from the University of York, as well as the Fusion Centre for Doctoral Training to deliver fun interactive activities on the day, including a virtual space voyage inside a giant inflatable indoor ‘sun dome’. 

The event will introduce visitors to the processes that occur inside the sun and how scientists are using the same processes to create fusion energy for electricity in the future.  

Fusion Yorkshire is hoping Goole will be the home of a project to design and construct a prototype fusion energy plant in the UK.

The project called STEP, which is short for Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production, will showcase how a future fusion power station could be operated and maintained.  

Goole faced stiff competition from other locations across the UK and is now one of the final five potential locations for the STEP site, with the Government’s decision on its chosen location being announced in the Autumn.

Fusion Yorkshire’s summer open evening is an opportunity for residents, business owners and budding space voyagers to drop in, have some fun and learn more about fusion energy.  

The Fusion Yorkshire team will be there to answer questions about what STEP would mean for the local community as well as regional businesses, employment, and supply chain opportunities. 

No booking is required and there will be no charge for the activities.

Professor Howard Wilson from the Department of Physics at the University of York said: "This open evening will give children and adults in Goole an exciting introduction to the science of the Sun and how we are working towards re-creating the fusion energy that powers it for sustainable, safe, effectively limitless energy here on Earth”

“STEP is an incredibly exciting project, aiming to demonstrate the commercial viability of fusion energy as a valuable contribution to mitigate climate change.

“If our bid is successful, it will place Goole and the wider Yorkshire region at the international heart of sustainable energy, attracting a huge range of industries and organisations to generate jobs across many sectors and driving skills growth in the region.”

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