PC windfall for The Snaith School

May 4, 2022

The Snaith School have received around 30 computers thanks to generous donations from Mitsubishi Chemical UK.

The company, which is one of the world’s largest chemical producers, supply a wide range of sectors from automotive and electronics, to medical and sport. They upgrade their computers every couple of years, so often have some that are not out of date, but just not needed anymore. Geoff Cook, an electrical engineer at Mitsubishi Chemical, has a daughter who attends The Snaith School, and came up with the idea to donate them to the school for them to make use of. The Snaith School are always encouraging technology-based learning, and the benefits that comes from student access to computers.

The machines that have been donated so far have been used in the food technology labs, and in the Aspire and Infinity rooms where students can sit and work quietly. Having this technology means that pupils can access lessons away from the classroom, catch up on any work that may have been missed due to absences, or work on projects within the classroom. Geoff, along with Sam Troop, who is a network administrator at Mitsubishi Chemical UK, had a tour of the school from David Nichols, Director of Ebacc and headteacher Michaela Blackledge, to see first hand the benefits that the computers were providing to students and staff. In the food technology classroom, a year 11 pupil who was using one of the new computers, said: “These new computers are so much better and quicker. It is so nice to be able to have them in the room.”

Another pupil said: “You can really tell the difference. You used to have to wait ages for the computers to load so these are much better.” Both Geoff and Sam, whilst seeing the impact the company’s donations have made to the school, said how great it was to be able to witness them being used for so many different things across the school. The computers have not only been beneficial to students directly, but it has also allowed the school to focus on funding and improving other areas that previously would have been second priority to buying newer computers. David Nichols, said: “The Snaith School is a community focused school and we love to work with local companies. I want to express just how grateful we are for the donations that have been made because it benefits our students and their curriculum learning so much.”

Geoff Cook and Sam Troop from Mitsubishi Chemical UK with the school’s director of Ebacc, David Nichols. (05-05-14 GT/AC)

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