Transformation work continues on Hook lane

November 6, 2021

Work to clear and fill in the un-used ditch on Mad Dog Lane in Hook is making progress after the area was seeded and planted recently.

The works were undertaken by Yorkshire Site Services Uk Ltd, with Siemens donating the soil to fill the ditch and GMI transporting the materials into Hook. 

Now the ditch has been filled in, it has created a 176 yard long and 7 yard wide flat piece of land, which the council says is much bigger than was originally expected before the rubbish was cleared.

Members of Hook Parish Council have now grass seeded the site, also planting over 300 bulbs and perennials within the area, which were donated from several sources including Hook Gardening Club. The area is currently taped off to allow the grass seed to grow until the end of winter when the next stage of the project, which will include the planting of an English heritage mixed hedge with trees and bushes, begins.

Council clerk, Tracey O’Neill said: “Hook Parish Council is currently in consultation with various ecological funders in order to progress the project. Without them, HPC could not afford to plant up what has turned out to be a very large area of land. 

“These organisations have provided advice to ensure the area works well to attract wildlife and provide an amenity to the village at the same time. They will also provide ongoing maintenance free of charge for two years.”

She added: “The Council is very pleased to note the overwhelming support of many local residents for what has been achieved and what is planned for the green area.” 

Progress is being made on transforming the disused ditch on Mad Dog Lane in Hook into a wildlife corridor. (11-11-54 SU)


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