Venari constructing more ambulances for Ukraine

Emily Collins
November 14, 2022

A company in Goole is hard at work building another batch of military grade ambulances destined for war-torn Ukraine.

Venari Group, previously O&H, have already built and delivered dozens of field and armoured ambulances to Ukraine as the country tries to fight off the Russian invasion. The Ukrainian Embassy here in the UK recently placed an order for another handful of these vehicles, which include three different types of field ambulances built from former British military vehicles, some of which saw service in Afghanistan. 

Oliver North, CEO of Venari Group, adds: “Our team at Goole and across our business are full of pride knowing that we are playing a part in saving lives in this terrible war. “At times, our teams have worked around the clock to ramp up production and get these vehicles to the front line where they are needed. We will continue to support Ukraine in whatever way we can and are proud to have been called on once again to build more of these vehicles.”

Goole MP, Andrew Percy has been heavily involved with the project and played a key role in working with donors, the Ukrainian Embassy and Venari to help establish this project. He recently paid a visit to the company’s factory in Goole to see the production of the ambulances in action. He said: “The whole team at Venari have done such an amazing job, especially in the earlier days of the conflict when all production was set aside to manufacture armoured and field ambulances for Ukraine.  “I am so proud that our town is continuing to help aid Ukraine as it tries to defend it's democracy. Whilst this project is supporting jobs in our town, much more importantly it is providing front line medical and life support to those fighting Russian aggression.”

He added: “As time goes on and we face rising energy prices and food prices here and around the world as a direct consequence of this conflict, fatigue can set in. As much as things might be painful in this country and across Europe as we deal with the effects of this conflict, we must never lose site of what is happening to the Ukrainian people living under attack and bombardment.  “Well done to everyone involved in this project and I am so pleased that we are continuing to make a contribution from here in Goole.”

Goole MP Andrew Percy recently visited Venari in Goole to see the production of more ambulances destined for Ukraine. (10-11-103 SU)

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